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Broad Leys are small independent British publishers specialising in books for smallholders, homesteaders, poultry keepers and those interested in self-sufficiency. We have been writing and publishing in this field since 1975! You can find out more here - About Broad Leys

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In the specialist self-sufficiency bookshop you'll find our own published books (under Broad Leys), many by Katie Thear who was a founder of Broad Leys, an expert on poultry keeping and a smallholder where she practised the skills she wrote about as a prolific author.

As well as our own books we're pleased to be able to offer a selection from other publishers that we think you'll find useful. All our books are delivered free in the UK and many are discounted as well.

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The articles and poultry keeping information that was on this site has moved to our sister site: Broad Leys Self Sufficiency which includes:

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